Is the box suitable for various industries?


Packaging is a comprehensive science, and packaging des […]

Packaging is a comprehensive science, and packaging design is more comprehensive and intersecting. It is not only related to the choice of materials, the structure of the container, the packaging method, and the transmission of visual language such as modeling, graphics, color, and text. In addition, it also involves printing technology, molding technology, consumer psychology, and market marketing. Use common sense of science, ergonomics, technical aesthetics, etc., in order to get used to the characteristics of commodities more scientifically and reasonably, conform to the laws of the market, and meet the needs of consumers.

Any product needs packaging. The thing that consumes a lot every year is packaging, and the common packaging is plastic packaging. Packaging box manufacturing refers specifically to a relatively environmentally friendly paper packaging, because plastic packaging is not environmentally friendly. Therefore, it has promoted the use of paper packaging in all walks of life. In our daily life, 90% of medicines and cosmetics are packaged in cardboard boxes. Of course, pit boxes are also very common. Nowadays, there are more than 98% use pit cartons.

In addition to cardboard boxes and pit boxes, there is another one that is less used and is also very difficult to manufacture. That is gift boxes. Gift boxes are often used to package cosmetics, tea, health products, gifts, etc. , Gift boxes are not only beautiful in appearance, but also better in product maintenance. Generally, merchants will choose to use gift boxes in order to increase the value of their products.