Are travel storage supplies good?


Is it good for travel storage products? Waterproof and […]

Is it good for travel storage products? Waterproof and breathable are combined, which is very suitable for storage of travel goods and clothing. With a handle, you can carry it by yourself in addition to putting it in the suitcase. The design is simple, but super functional, it feels like a small suitcase, a must-have for travel! This storage bag is divided into three types according to size. One side of the bag has a covering plastic waterproof layer, which is useful for waterproofing, and the other side is mesh. Grid, not waterproof but breathable.

Travel storage supplies bags are a good helper for people to organize clothes and items in their suitcases when they travel. Nowadays, travel storage supplies bags have been sought after by more and more travellers. How to purchase travel storage supplies: Use a vacuum cleaner or an air pump to pump air, and align the vacuum cleaner or pump port to the valve to start the air extraction. After the internal air is exhausted, quickly draw out the suction nozzle and close the air valve cover, and then press the air valve cover firmly. If the thicker and larger quilt is stored, it will be longer when the air is taken out, and it can be exhausted at once. If the center needs to be stopped, tighten the exhaust valve, and the air cannot get in. . After doing the things at hand, maybe take a break and then take a breath. Remember to cover the air valve cover after exhausting.

When traveling, travel storage supplies can better allow people to organize their clothes. Save space, because it is vacuum compression, the original swollen object is evacuated from the center of the air, and the volume becomes smaller. A simple analogy is equivalent to squashing the sponge with your hands. Will not get moldy, insects, or damp. Because it is isolated from the outside air, this effect can be achieved. Therefore, travel storage supplies are a good choice for people.