Folding shower stool products have several major features


1. The shower chair panel is made of environmentally fr […]

1. The shower chair panel is made of environmentally friendly PE blow molded stool with holes
2. Perfect curved seat plate The seat plate is designed to be perfectly curved according to ergonomics. It is more comfortable to sit on. It is more comfortable when the ordinary chair is placed in the living room for a long time.
3. The invisible armrest is safe and does not affect the appearance.
4. It is safer to put in the bathroom.
ABS nylon bath chair is made of high-quality color ABS nylon and stainless steel tube and galvanized tube. It is specially designed for the disabled, elderly, patients, pregnant women and other infirm people to design nylon as environmental protection material. Nylon uses IGD technology and is tested by the national designated testing agency. The antibacterial effect is 99.99%.
The product lining and all the connecting parts are made of galvanized pipe and stainless steel, so that the product will not rust in the wet place, replacing the short rust of the inner lining.
Scope of application: installation facilities in hospitals, nursing homes, welfare homes, elderly clubs, disabled activity centers, sprinklers, and other public places.
1. The hand part is made of ABS nylon material, and the inner part is pure stainless steel and galvanized pipe.
2. Hardness is far superior to zinc alloy, iron pipe, steel pipe, bearing capacity of 600 kg.
3. The special LGD permanent antibacterial formula in the product can resist most harmful bacteria and reduce the cross-propagation of bacteria and lead to disease spread.
4. Strong corrosion resistance, strong bacteriostasis and long service life.
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