Foot bath considerations


Nowadays, more and more families buy foot baths. Chines […]

Nowadays, more and more families buy foot baths. Chinese people have been used to soaking their feet since ancient times, because many acupuncture points of the human body are in the foot. As the saying goes, people have old legs and the legs are weak for human health. Sex is self-evident, so how can you achieve your physical fitness by soaking your feet? The foot bath has a magical effect on health, what do we have to pay attention to in use?
1. It is not suitable to use the foot bath within 20 minutes after meals. It is not suitable for a foot bath before meals and 30 minutes after a meal. Due to the expansion of the blood vessels in the foot during foot bath, the blood volume increases rapidly and constitutes the gastrointestinal tract. And the visceral blood is reduced, affecting the digestive function of the gastrointestinal tract. Before the meal, the foot bath may restrain the secretion of gastric juice. Immediately after the meal, the foot bath can reduce the blood volume of the gastrointestinal tract and affect digestion.
2. People with skin allergies use the foot bath carefully. Some people with sensitive skin, if you want to take Chinese medicine, you must pay attention to it. Chinese medicine will have a certain degree of irritation. Therefore, when bathing in Chinese medicine, it will cause blisters, or some skin redness and itching. Allergic reactions may occur after medication. After these symptoms appear, they should be discontinued.
 3. Women's menstruation and pregnant women are not allowed to use. Women should pay special attention to the use of the foot bath. If you are pregnant, or pregnant women, you must avoid using the foot bath. The foot bath has the effect of promoting microcirculation and promoting blood circulation, so pregnant women are strictly prohibited.
 4. Some people have questions about why there is electricity in the footbath. Here is a small series to explain. Any electric footbrush in the footbath can measure the induction electricity. It is assumed that some electric pens in the basin can not be measured. Using the multi-function meter to measure, can be measured, this situation is induction, no voltage, no harm to people.
 5. The foot bath is prevented from directly adding Chinese medicine. It is assumed that the dregs will be sucked into the bearing after being sucked in by the water pump, causing the motor to make a squeaking sound. It is directly surfed, the pump is completely stuck, and the pump must be disassembled for cleaning. If you want to take the medicine, please first pour the medicine (filtering dregs) into a potion and then pour it into the pot. According to the investigation of the foot bath returned by the maintenance department, 85% is caused by the use of traditional Chinese medicine or foot bath powder. Therefore, it must not be directly added to Chinese medicine.plastic foot tub