How do you use a toilet in a public toilet when traveling?


People often go out for tourism now, and there are a lo […]

People often go out for tourism now, and there are a lot of people in the tourist attractions on holidays. In addition to watching the scenery in the scenic area, we often encounter impatient situations, which requires going to public toilets.
1. Traveling to the toilet is also important
We often eat something during the trip, or we are often thirsty and drink a lot of water. There are three emergency services, and there are definitely some during the trip. There are public toilets in the scenic area. Public toilets can help us solve internal emergency situations. Moreover, the public toilets in the scenic area can reflect the humanized service level of the scenic area, also represent the image of the scenic area, and reflect the reputation of the scenic area.
2.The scenic toilets are also very scenic now
Now in some tourist attractions that focus on scenic area planning, in addition to beautiful scenery, there are also scenic toilets that form their own scenery. The public toilets in some scenic spots are very beautiful. From the appearance, they are integrated with the surrounding environment of the scenic spot. If you do n’t take a closer look, you do n’t know that this is a toilet.
3, the toilet can not be used in this way
There are toilets in some public toilets. The use of toilets and family members is the same. But some people are not used to toilets, so they use toilets differently. Some people step on the toilet, which will be very dangerous. The toilet is not designed according to the load-bearing capacity of the talents on it, so it may break, which may hurt the people who step on it. If you are really not used to having homework, you can actually take a small stool and sit on the seat with your feet on the small stool. This position is the same as the squatting position, which is very convenient and comfortable. .
4. Use the toilet and take it with you when you go out
When we use the toilet in public toilets, there must be some methods. Because there are more bacteria in public toilets, we must pay attention to the damage of these bacteria to us. We can carry some disinfectant and spray a circle on the toilet before going to the toilet for disinfection. We can also bring a disposable toilet pad on the toilet ring, you can go to the toilet with peace of mind, if you do not carry these, you can take a toilet paper pad on the toilet ring, it will also have a certain effect.
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