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The storage box, nicknamed antique box, was used by the […]

The storage box, nicknamed antique box, was used by the archaeological team to store unearthed and sorted cultural relic fragments in the early days. This kind of boxes are generally strictly numbered, large and small, but most of them are the size of a shoe box (the unearthed cultural relics are generally heavier, and the weight contained in the size of the shoe box is very suitable for transportation). In modern society, the storage box has gradually evolved into a box similar to a "drug box" that contains things.
Storage boxes have been widely available in the market. They have low cost, wide benefits, and are very suitable for the masses. Therefore, there are many brands of storage boxes in shopping malls. Their main materials are plastic, non-woven fabrics, and non-woven fabrics. Their shortcomings are plastic materials that are easy to crack and scratch in a dry climate, and non-woven materials are not easy to scrub and dirty. It is made of woven fabric coated material, which is trendy and fashionable, and can be detached and stacked for storage, which is more convenient and useful and saves space. It can store all kinds of clothes and other small life items as you like.
Non-woven fabric is also called non-woven fabric or non-woven fabric. It is a new type of fiber product with soft and breathable function, which is processed by new technology using natural fibers. It can effectively prevent all kinds of insects from invading for a long time, is not easy to be damp, and is anti-moth and mildew. And it is easy to retract, can be flexibly disassembled and assembled without occupying any space, making home life more convenient and comfortable, refreshing and tidy.
How to buy
1. Look at the pictures, the details, there is no damage to the edges, the structure is reasonable, and it must be useful and strong.
2. Look at the colors. Some colors are too fake at first glance. Don't be fooled by your eyes. Some pictures are beautiful, but they are not as good as simple pictures.
3. Looking at the source of goods, manufacturers generally have better quality, but it is difficult to ensure the quality of agency sales.
4. Look at the after-sales service. After-sales service is guaranteed, you can rest assured when you buy it.
1. It can store various small daily necessities such as underwear, socks, gloves, masks, towels, etc.
2, 16 compartments can be sorted and stored, and can be taken out as a large-capacity storage box.
3. After the underwear storage box is made, it can store all kinds of household items, such as mobile phones, batteries, chargers, change, keys, etc.
4. University and middle school students can use it to store various items, which is very convenient and