How to choose a food storage box?


1. Raw materials: As consumers pay more attention to he […]

1. Raw materials: As consumers pay more attention to health, people pay more and more attention to whether the materials used in food storage boxes are healthy. Hygienic and safe materials are harmless to human body, such as PC material, PE material and PP material, etc. Now the most common fresh-keeping box material is PC material.

2. Transparency: Usually, transparent or translucent materials are used. In this way, people can easily confirm the contents of the box without opening the box when using it.

3. Appearance: The top food storage box has a smooth appearance, beautiful design and no burrs.

4. Heat resistance: Food storage boxes require high heat resistance. It will not deform in high temperature water and can even be sterilized in boiling water.

5. Durability: It should have excellent impact resistance, not easy to break under strong pressure or impact, and not leave scratches.

6. Sealing: This is the first consideration when choosing a food storage box. Although different brands of products have different sealing methods, excellent sealing is necessary for long-lasting food preservation.