How to clean plastic baskets?


Pour 84 disinfectant and water into the basin, mix them […]

Pour 84 disinfectant and water into the basin, mix them together at a ratio of 1:200, put the plastic products that need to be "decontaminated", soak for two hours and two hours, and then rinse with water repeatedly. The effect is good without any corrosive effect, the water soaked in the plastic basket can also be poured into the toilet, and it can also play the role of cleaning the toilet

What are the ways to clean plastic baskets?
Method 1. Spray some vinegar, wash it after a while, the effect is particularly good. Method 2. Rinse with cold water, smash the wax gourd, pour it into a cloth bag, squeeze out its juice, use it to clean up sweat stains, and then use water Rinse clean. Method 3. Put the stained items in 5% salt water, soak for an hour, then gently scrub, rinse with water. Method 4. Scrub with ginger first, then dip in cold water, and leave no traces. Drop a few drops of hydrogen peroxide on the stains, or wash with white radish juice, the stains can be quickly removed. Old and old stains can be washed with sulfur soap.

The perforated plastic basket can be cleaned in the following 4 steps. 1. Soak it in water with detergent for 20 minutes. 2. When brushing, cover it with a rag and hold it with your hands to fix the rag. Brush the uncovered side. 3. Wash with water. 4. Dry.