How to clean the dirt on the plastic basin?


Generally, plastic basins are used in homes. After a lo […]

Generally, plastic basins are used in homes. After a long time, a layer of dirt will accumulate on the basins, which is not good-looking and difficult to clean. Today, the editor will share a few tips to make the dirt on the plastic basin clean.
Cleaning steps:
1. Soak the plastic basin in very hot water for 5-10 minutes (if dirty, soak it for a while) to soften the dirt.
2. Find a few more egg shells, put them in a bowl and grind them into pieces.
3. Pour out the water in the plastic basin, soak the rag, dipped the eggshell fragments and rub it on the inner wall of the plastic basin, rubbing back and forth a few more times.
4. Squeeze a little detergent on the rag and continue rubbing in the basin to achieve the purpose of removing oil stains.
5. Rinse the plastic basin with clean water. have a look! Is the dirt on the basin gone? !
Tips for cleaning dirt in plastic basins:
Coup 1: After using the washbasin, you can pour an appropriate decontamination powder into the basin, wipe it with a rag, and rinse it off with water. You can also wet the towel with hot water after use, and then wipe the washbasin with soap again. It is enough to wash with water. It is a very simple method and will not take up much time.
Coup 2: Wrap the leftover tea leaves with gauze, dip in some cooking oil and wipe them, and then wash them with a small amount of detergent. Compared with the traditional method of scrubbing hard with vegetable gourd cloth, this method avoids scratching the surface of plastic products. The surface of plastic products will be uneven after being scratched, and dirt will accumulate more easily.
Coup 3: You can squeeze toothpaste on the brush, and then brush all the dirt in the plastic washbasin, everyone can see that the dirt is brushed off, because toothpaste generally contains abrasives, it is easy to do It can remove the dirt attached to the smooth surface, and this method is not only simple and convenient to operate, it will not damage the washbasin, and the effect is very good.
Coup 4: Find a good eraser, hold the washbasin and rub it on the top of the basin, turn around and circle around to make sure all the dirt is gone. Then take the cloth to wipe off the rubber foam. After wiping off, it will look like a new one.
Coup 5: Soak the plastic basin, sprinkle some dry washing powder and rub it hard, and it will be clean in a while.