How to clean up the bathroom in the kitchen?


How to store it around the bathroom? In places where wa […]

How to store it around the bathroom? In places where water is used, such as bathhouses, toilets, washbasins, and washing machines, there are many detergents, towels, and other small things. It is very troublesome to pick up and it is not easy to place them neatly. How to clean up if it is convenient to use and clean? These local packs have the following common points:
1. Due to moisture, pay attention to drainage and ventilation, and keep it clean;
2. Store after sorting;
3. Use the door or curtain to cover things that you don't want to reveal;
Storage key around washing machine
The area around the washing machine is very narrow but there are many things. To ensure the storage space, it is necessary to pack up small bits and pieces of debris. The shelf is necessary, and it should be two or three layers less. Towels, linens, etc. can be placed on the top, and hangers, detergents, etc. can be placed on the bottom (line of sight). There can also be some small boxes around the washing machine, such as bottle-shaped washing liquid.

The key to storage in the bathroom
The toilet is very dirty locally so it needs cleaning. A shelf is necessary. If there is no fixed one, a special shelf can be set up near the ceiling to store toilet paper or the like. If you don't expect to be seen by others, you can cover it with curtains and other things.
In order to facilitate the cleaning of things that cannot be placed directly, things like hygiene products, toilet paper, etc. can be placed neatly in the storage box. Make use of cute deodorant, beautiful paintings, and miscellaneous goods to make the toilet look good ~ So many times a day, there are soap, foundation cosmetics, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairdressing supplies, etc. Small things are better to use the narrow space to clean up.
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