How to deal with the aging problem of common plastic pots?


Plastic products are light and difficult to break, but […]

Plastic products are light and difficult to break, but once they are in service for an extended period, they are very likely to become brittle and aged, and harmful small molecules are easily precipitated and become dangerous molecules that induce cancer. If the plastic product is found to be scratched, the originally smooth surface has become rough, or there is a pungent "plastic smell", it should be replaced in time even if it has been used for less than a year.

What we need to pay attention to is that in our daily life, try not to let plastic buckets and pots be directly exposed to the sun, and do not put them directly on the open balcony even at night. Because too hot and too cold will accelerate the aging of plastics. What's more, when it is not used for a long time, such as traveling, vacation, etc., we recommend to keep some water in it when storing these items, it does not need too much, about three or four inches deep, and it should be placed In a dark place indoors. After returning, pour out the water inside and clean it before use.

It should be noted that during use, avoid putting too hot water or items, because plastic is easy to melt, and we can't find anything on the surface when the water is too hot during use. In fact, it has already begun to soften the plastic. The molecular activity inside is faster, which means that it is accelerating its aging. Although there are still some problems with plastic products, we believe that plastic products will be more mature in the future.