How to do daily care of medical supplies storage box?


Proper management of storage boxes for medical supplies […]

Proper management of storage boxes for medical supplies not only guarantees the quality of the storage boxes, but also optimizes the working environment of the storage boxes for medical supplies, thereby effectively preventing various unexpected failures, thus improving the working power of the storage boxes for reuse. .
In the practice of medical supplies storage box manufacturers, many people are unaware that the product and the initial launch process of the business is very important. Therefore, parts box companies need to recognize that product experience changes with the needs of users. Real storage box product innovation requires efforts to discover the deep and changing needs of users and continuous improvement, so as to achieve better product experience.
In order to deal with such technical problems, a storage box for medical supplies is provided. The front surface of the box is provided with a storage mechanism, and the storage mechanism includes a storage slot. There are a plurality of fixed protrusions inside the storage slot; a plurality of drawers are provided on both sides of the box body, and a handle is provided on the drawer.
A water tank is also included, the water tank is provided with a drainage hole, and the drainage hole corresponds to the water outlet hole on the storage tank. LED light is arranged on the inner wall of the storage tank, and a transparent partition is arranged in front of the LED light. The LED light is connected with the switch through a wire. The bottom of the box is provided with four rubber blocks of equal height.
1. The ground where the empty storage boxes are stacked should be level and free from water. If possible, do not store in the open air, it should be placed under the eaves or covered with tarpaulin, etc .;
2. Empty storage boxes need to be stacked neatly. Do not randomly stack or stack too high. This will cause uneven distribution of force or excessive pressure to cause damage;
3. When taking from the upper layer of the storage box for medical supplies, it cannot be dragged out forcibly, which will cause problems such as loose structure of the storage box and damage to the wooden board. When using a forklift to transfer the empty storage boxes, you must follow the same working rules as other goods, and do not operate extensively.
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