How to identify the type of plastic basin material?


Generally, there are two types of thermoplastic basins: […]

Generally, there are two types of thermoplastic basins: crystalline and amorphous. Crystalline plastics are translucent, opaque or opaque in appearance, transparent only in thin films, and range in hardness from soft to horny. Thermoset plastic pots usually contain filler and are opaque, such as transparent without filler. The elastomer has a rubber-like feel and has a certain elongation rate.

Different types of plastic pots have different densities. The method of measuring the density can be used to identify the plastic pots, but at this time, the foamed products should be separated, because the density of the foamed plastic pots is not the real density of the material. In the actual industry, there are also plastic basins that use the different densities of plastic basins to sort plastic basin materials.

The combustion test identification method is to use a small fire to burn the plastic pot sample, observe the flammability of the plastic pot in and out of the fire, and pay attention to the drop form and smell of the molten plastic pot after the flame is turned off to identify the type of plastic pot material. . Due to its low material cost and self-flame retardant properties, it is also widely used in the field of construction, especially for sewer pipes, plastic steel doors and windows, plates, artificial leather, etc.