How to maintain and clean the folding stool?


Folding stool, lightweight, stackable functional seat, […]

Folding stool, lightweight, stackable functional seat, not only convenient to move, but also save space. The seat panel and the back panel are generally made of virgin PP plastic and integrated in the mold; the chair frame and chair legs are square steel pipes sprayed with electrostatic silver powder. The square steel pipes are stronger and more durable than the round steel pipes; the bottom of the general chair frame is similar to Foot pads will be added to the ground contact position to prevent slippage and prevent scratches on the floor. Use occasions: various training institutions, schools at all levels, public places, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, companies, families and other places.

You may not like its seemingly complicated appearance. In fact, it is folded from a piece of material, also known as a folding chair. It is very suitable for any other small furniture. You don’t need to pay attention to the overall style, because it is a bright spot. Embellishment.

Maintenance of folding stool
Solid wood folding stool: It is not easy to be placed in a damp environment. Pay attention to moisture prevention to avoid moldy and corruption of solid wood.
Plastic folding stool: Be careful to use it, don't throw it casually, and avoid playing with children. The plastic material is relatively fragile.
Metal folding stool: Always check whether the screws at the fold are loose, and be careful not to splash corrosive materials on the metal part of the stool to prevent rust. Regularly check whether the coating on the metal surface has fallen off and whether the rusted area has expanded.

Cleaning the folding stool
Wipe with a dry cloth, or wipe the surface of the stool with water. Use a dry cloth to remove dust as much as possible for the metal folding stool.