How to make a jewelry box into a household storage box?


In our daily life, there are many unnecessary empty box […]

In our daily life, there are many unnecessary empty boxes, such as shoe boxes, jewelry boxes and food boxes, which can be used as a simple household storage box.

The storage box should be something that everyone thinks is very useful, because it can put many messy things together, or many kinds of things can be classified, so it is very practical. Although there are many styles of storage boxes on the market, the basic principles are the same. It is to have different areas, which can put different things, and be divided into different areas, which can effectively clean up some messy things.

Such a very useful thing is very much on the market, and the price is also various, but a large part of the storage boxes are more expensive. So if some homes buy several storage boxes, it is still a relatively large expense, and the storage boxes may be broken after a period of time and need to be replaced. So if this is the case, can we do it ourselves? The answer is of course yes. Not only can we do it ourselves, but the operation is also very simple. We also all know that there are many styles of storage boxes, and their uses are also very diverse. Then the editor introduces to us the manufacture of a storage box. The main purpose of this storage box is to collect some relatively small things, as well as a very distressing charging cable.

So if you want to make such a storage box, you need to prepare some materials. These materials are easy to find in the family, and these things are basically useless, so this is actually a kind of waste utilization. . First of all, we need to prepare a box, no matter what kind of material it can be. It's like sometimes at home, you will buy some gift-boxed food, such as moon cakes or tea. Such boxes can be used. Then it is necessary to prepare a lot of paper tubes. There are no special rules for the size of straight tubes. Because different sizes of paper tubes can hold different things. Of course, you also need to prepare a bottle of glue.