How to make a storage box in daily life?


In my daily life, I always feel that my desk is full of […]

In my daily life, I always feel that my desk is full of miscellaneous things, and it seems that I always pick it up. At this time, the role of the storage box is presented. This DIY DIY storage box can bring a new desktop refreshing experience, and only the choice of colored paper meets the beauty. The storage box may become popular as a gift box. .
Mainly need to prepare some basic paper as the "cover" of the folding carton and craft storage box. Being able to use Japanese paper as the cover will make it more beautiful. But the folding cartons themselves can use ordinary colored paper, because they are often received inside the large storage box.
First make 4 folding carton boxes.
Here also needs to prepare a cardboard, whether the storage box will stand upright, so this cardboard is very important. The width of the cardboard is four times the width of the folding carton made in the previous step, and the height is also four times the height of the folding carton. However, it can actively leave 1cm and 0.5cm for the upper and lower layers, which will be more beautiful.
Then place your favorite colored paper on the side of the cardboard, as shown in the figure, the edge should be slightly wider than the cardboard by 1cm.
Then initially use white glue or other thicker glue to post the edges and corners.
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