How to remove dirt from plastic pelvic floor?


You can use leftover tea bags, fried things, or waste o […]

You can use leftover tea bags, fried things, or waste oil that you don't eat to clean the dirt from the bottom of the plastic pot. Let the tea bag dry first. Then, soak it in the used oil, wipe it gently on the dirt, the dirt will fall off little by little as if it has melted, so that it can not only remove the wash basin and other utensils with smooth surface, but also remove the uneven surface. Dirt on the container. Can penetrate deep into the crevice to clean thoroughly.

In addition to this, you can also:
1. Mix 84 disinfectant with blisters, and then wipe the water with a towel.
2. The washing powder can be wiped with a rag.
3. Use toothpaste, dip in the stain remover, and brush vigorously with a brush.

The plastic basin is made of PP plastic, which is a high-density, side-chain-free, high-crystallinity linear polymer, not as hard as metal products, so do not wipe the surface with a wire ball, because doing so will only scratch The surface of plastic products increases the uneven surface, which increases the stains. In addition, because the material of the plastic basin is not in use, try to keep it dry to avoid corrosion by water such as acid and alkali.