How to use the storage box in the hospital?


After the medical storage box, all the medicines can be […]

After the medical storage box, all the medicines can be sorted and sorted, and when they are found, they can be found according to their needs. The medicines in current hospitals are relatively neat and standardized. Each medicine has a single large box or drawer, but these usually refer to a large number of medicines. Regarding some relatively scattered, especially the ones that are not commonly used, they are often mixed together, which is inconvenient to find, especially in urgent time. Therefore, a medical storage box is presented.
Medical storage boxes can be used not only in hospitals, but also in ordinary households. We always have some commonly used medicines in our homes in case of emergencies. Various purchases add up and add up, and they are bound to be messy. This time, we can use medical storage boxes to pack them up. Not only neatly, you don't have to flip around when you're looking, it's easy to find.
The storage surface of the medical storage box is provided with a storage organization on the front surface, and the storage organization includes a storage slot; a baffle is provided in front of the storage slot, and a concave hole is provided on the surface of the baffle; a plurality of fixed protrusions are provided inside the storage slot; There are several drawers on the side, and there are handles on the drawers. A water tank is also included, the water tank is provided with a drainage hole, and the drainage hole corresponds to the water outlet hole on the storage tank. LED light is arranged on the inner wall of the storage tank, and a transparent partition is arranged in front of the LED light. The LED light is connected with the switch through a wire. The bottom of the box is provided with four rubber blocks of equal height.
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