Kitchen and toilet box manufacturers recommend storage artifacts


Baoli, a manufacturer of kitchen and bathroom packaging […]

Baoli, a manufacturer of kitchen and bathroom packaging, has recommended several storage artifacts that online store can buy.
1. Desktop corner tripod
The space in the corner is very easy to ruin. With this shelf, it can be used perfectly. You can put the whole directly on the countertop, you can buy a single one to stick to the wall, and you can buy a big one in the corner. Can put more things.
2. Chest drawer
The person who designed this cabinet must be talented. I didn't let the gaps go a little bit. The gap that could hold 3 bottles of Coke originally, the gap cabinet can hold 30 bottles completely, which is too strong. Remember to measure the size before buying, it is just right to embed it.
3. Cabinet door / refrigerator side hanging
Doors and refrigerators can also hang things. This is because there are so many things that you ca n’t put them on the floor. After all, it is not very good to hang something on the refrigerator. It is also a little inconvenient to hang the cabinet on the door.
4. Sink cabinet storage rack
There are water pipes under the sink and washbasin, so even if the cabinet is installed, the use of space is very limited, and this storage rack comes in handy. Because there is a gap in the center to allow the water pipe to pass through, it does not affect other local applications.
5. Mobile trolley
Raskog Cart-Raskog Cart! It's really super high-value, beautiful and useful, and I still love it for a long time. The unique thing about this small cart is that it can be used in any locality, any corner, does not occupy a lot of land, and can also hold things. It is super flexible and strong.
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