Product structure of folding stool


A folding stool is a foldable stool, which can save spa […]

A folding stool is a foldable stool, which can save space, is convenient and fast, and can be carried with you. The folding stool (stool) is made of green and environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic and tasteless, and can be used with confidence. The stools are all scientifically designed, with anti-slip function, strong pressure-bearing capacity, and durable. According to different materials, it can be divided into: solid wood folding stool, plastic folding stool, metal folding stool
Product structure
The plastic folding stool is composed of a new type of stool surface and stool legs. The connection between the stool surface and the stool legs is hinged. The bottom of the stool surface is recessed. The depression of the stool leg and the middle of the bottom surface of the stool are hinged by two connecting rods. The utility model has the advantages that the stool legs can be folded into the stool surface, and viewed from the outside, it is only a stool surface, which is very convenient to carry. In addition, because of its reasonable structure, good mechanical performance and low price.

The folding stool has a triangular stool seat and its three upper stool legs are connected to the corners of the stool seat. A stool leg bracket is fixed on the bottom of each upper stool leg and has a transverse hole with an asymmetric shape. A Y-shaped central connection assembly holds the stool leg brackets together. The joint has an extension with an irregular shape. When the stool leg bracket is turned into the first state, the extension can be inserted into the asymmetrically-shaped transverse hole of the stool leg bracket. The stool leg bracket can be turned into the second state, so that the upper stool leg can be inserted into the stool leg bracket and pressed on a circular support or flange located in the stool leg bracket. Insert the lower stool leg into the stool leg bracket. The stool can be folded up by folding the leather bracket and folding the stool legs into a substantially parallel state