Put this small stool on the toilet and the whole family rushed to the toilet!


Is there a toilet in the house or a toilet? Stop arguin […]

Is there a toilet in the house or a toilet? Stop arguing! Since the news that the house was loaded with squats and accidentally fell on the feet, more and more people have installed toilets at home. Considering that the husband said that the toilet is always constipated, I immediately took a card under the toilet. Small stool, person: toilet stool! It’s really convenient to install it. The old man at home doesn’t say that he is not used to going to the toilet. I like it for myself!
In fact, the invention of the toilet stool originated from foreigners, but borrowed the principle of our Chinese squat pit. When we squat, the thigh and upper body are at a 35-degree angle, which helps the rectal muscle of the phalanges to be completely relaxed and achieve optimal drainage.
The toilet has the characteristics of quick flushing, clean and easy to use, so it is favored by many families. However, because the toilet is 90-degree sitting, when the toilet is in the toilet, the body is in a 90-degree state, so that the rectal muscle of the phalanges can not be completely relaxed, which will lead to muscle tightening, and it will be more vigorous when going to the toilet. The incidence of constipation is also very high. The number of people who have constipation is more than one year a year. It should be the impact of the popularity of toilets. Although I don't want to admit that the toilet stool was invented by foreigners borrowing China's squatting principle, it has actually solved the problem that the toilet is prone to constipation. The toilet stool is a low stool with a variety of materials, the most common of which are wood and plastic. The market price ranges from a few to dozens, which is relatively cheap and can be purchased and used by ordinary families.
The toilet stool is placed under the toilet. When you go to the toilet, you can put your feet on the stool. This can reduce the effort for pregnant women, children and the elderly, and make the body completely relaxed. With this small stool, the person's body posture is like a squatting posture, showing a 35-degree angle, but sitting on the toilet will not be laborious, which is conducive to excretion and health.
Although it is imported from abroad, when we buy a toilet stool, we need to be in accordance with our actual physical size. The foreign body is obviously larger than us, so according to the Chinese body size, the most suitable toilet stool height is 18 cm. Foreign toilet stools will be a few centimeters high, and you should pay attention to the size when purchasing.