Squat or toilet? Which is cleaner?


Some netizens said that since the renovation, the war i […]

Some netizens said that since the renovation, the war in the family has not stopped. The first is the battle between Chinese and modern, then the battle between floor tiles and floor. The battle over wall cloth and latex paint has just ended a few days ago, and today I started squatting again. They still debated. Zhengfang's wife spoke: I won't come out when I'm sitting. I'm used to squatting, and squatting is healthier! Anti-husband's husband said: Every time you go in holding your mobile phone, your legs are numb for more than half an hour, and you are still healthy.
Is the bathroom fitted with a pit or a toilet? Which is cleaner?
First of all, this is actually a matter of living habits. You are used to sitting, using a toilet, squatting, and squatting. If both are acceptable, Feimo is recommending a toilet. Why? There are two advantages to squatting. One is that the toilet is more smooth, and the other is that it is more hygienic without skin contact. But these two advantages are not so obvious in homes that seek comfort. Although squatting can reduce toilet time due to posture, it is not easy to cause constipation, but for mobile phone controllers, squatting is a disaster.
What is necessary to use the toilet? Mobile! There is no emotion without the phone! When it was large, swipe it on Weibo and enjoy the small video of Douyin. This is actually a bad habit. It will prolong the toilet time. Things that can be finished in 5 minutes will be delayed for 30 minutes. But if you ca n’t change this bad habit, do n’t choose squatting pits. Your legs will start to numb after a short while, then continue squatting stubbornly. In the end, you can only move out of the wall, and your legs and feet are completely unconscious. Ok? In addition, there are elderly people, children, and pregnant women at home. They should also use a toilet to reduce the risk. Not only the danger of squatting for a long time, but also the danger of tripping. If you have cleanliness, you must step on the toilet when you encounter a toilet in the public toilet, it does not mean that you must use a squat in your home. Because the home is a private place, and only the family can access the toilet, there is no need to worry about hygiene. However, if you ca n’t even accept it with your family, it can be said that it is a serious cleansing habit, or you can install a squat at home.
No one in the family has special needs for squatting. If you have one, you can install a toilet in the main guard and a squat in the guest guard. There is only one bathroom, you can refer to this design.
Finally, I recommend a few artifacts for you to freely switch between squat pits and toilets: toilet step stools. This is suitable for children who have children at home. The children's legs are short enough to reach the ground. With such an auxiliary stool, they can go to the toilet by themselves. It can also relieve the discomfort of the legs for adults, and can also simulate the posture of squatting.
Commode. Elderly people, children and pregnant women at home are inconvenient to use. With this toilet, squat pits change into the toilet every second, just pay attention to anti-slip.
Stool. There is a toilet at home. If the old man comes and is not used to it, you can try this. The toilet immediately becomes squatting.
Pissing cover. If your squat pit is designed under the shower, be sure to add a cover, which is not only convenient for bathing, but also deodorant and prevents small things such as soap from falling into it.