Store food, that's a storage tank


In daily life, there are many foods such as cereals, dr […]

In daily life, there are many foods such as cereals, dried fruits, biscuits, etc., which need to be stored in a dry environment. There is moisture in the air. These foods are prone to moisture when exposed to the air. Food can become moldy over time, so it needs to be stored in a dry environment. In addition to moisture in the air, there are many tiny harmful substances such as dust particles. If food is exposed to the air, even if it is not affected by moisture, it will also be contaminated to some extent. Food is something to be imported, and we must Pay attention to its hygiene, so we need to store it away from the air. And as much food as possible can be stored. And some storage tanks are still fresh.
A storage tank is a common storage device for storing food.
It has a variety of shapes and sizes, and you can find almost everything you want.
The storage tank has two very important aspects, one is the style of its lid, and the other is its material.
Storage tank cover styles: There are generally three types. The first is a screw cap. This is to rely on the screw cap corresponding to the mouth of the tank and the two are closely connected to seal the storage tank. The second type is a pressing plug cover, which is generally made of wood or rubber with good sealing properties. The third type is the inner lid and the mouth of the tank are connected with a silicone strip, and a snapped lid is added.
The three kinds of lids have good sealing performance, and the storage requirements of basic food can be met. If there are some extremely high requirements for food sealing performance, you can choose the third type.
Storage tank materials: There are generally two types, glass and plastic. They are all tightly sealed, so just buy as you like. However, if it is to heat food, I personally recommend using glass material, because plastic material is chemically less stable than glass, and it is prone to produce harmful substances. It's just that the plastic storage tanks are generally made of safer plastic materials, but prevent them before they occur.
While the storage tank is used to store food, it is actually a kind of storage for food, which will make the food display more neat and tidy.
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