The bathroom is the most terrible place in the house. Remember these to teach you to stay away from danger


According to incomplete statistics, about 34.7% of peop […]

According to incomplete statistics, about 34.7% of people get sick while using the bathroom, and many chronic diseases and accidents are common in the bathroom. So what problems should we pay attention to in the bathroom in our daily life?
1. There are elderly people in the family, so do some protective measures
The legs and feet of the elderly are generally inconvenient, and dizziness can cause dizziness. Therefore, it is recommended that families with elderly people install toilets. It is best to have a shower stool when taking a bath, so you can sit down. There are handrails next to the toilet and rain.
2, children use the toilet to prevent accidents
Children going to the toilet are also prone to accidents. The most direct reason is that children are too young to fall into the pit. Parents can use some artifacts to help children go to the toilet and develop good toilet habits.
3.Slip in the bathroom
There are many water stain cleaners in the bathroom, and it is easy to slip and accidents, so the bathroom must be slip-proof. In addition to anti-slip floor tiles, anti-slip mats need to be added later. If there are elderly and children at home, it is even more necessary.
4. The posture of squatting for a long time is incorrect, which may easily cause constipation
Although the toilet decoration in our home is mostly used for toilet, scientifically speaking, toilet is not conducive to defecation, but it is easy to cause constipation hemorrhoids. The best defecation position is squatting. The angle between the thighs and the body is about 35 degrees. The squat stool can be used to simulate squatting if it is already installed at home.
5, the bathroom should be separated from wet and dry
Dry and wet separation can not only improve the utilization of the bathroom, but also reduce the breeding of bacteria caused by moisture. Small-sized toilets can be separated from wet and dry by partitions, and the washstand and shower area can be completely separated.
6. Close the toilet lid and the lid of the trash can.
The towel rack and the toilet are very close to each other. When flushing the toilet, the swirling water will bring bacteria into the air, rising up to 6 meters high, and causing diseases, so you must cover the toilet when flushing the toilet. Trash bins are prone to breeding bacteria in humid and dark places. Covered trash bins can reduce the spread of bacteria. Of course, you need to clean the bins in time.
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