These artifacts are installed in the kitchen, which is practical and grade. No wonder manufacturers often sell out of stock


1. Multifunctional vegetable cutter grater kitchen arti […]

1. Multifunctional vegetable cutter grater kitchen artifact
This artifact is very useful when slicing vegetables, so that beginners no longer have to worry about cutting vegetables. A variety of blade styles can be replaced, practical and considerate, very suitable for housewives with poor knife skills, highly recommended!
2. Faucet water-saving splash-proof shower head kitchen extender filter valve
The faucet has a splash-proof shower. When you prepare it, you are not afraid that when you wash the kitchenware, water splashes everywhere. Creative bendable design, more practical and considerate, home is a great choice.
3.Sealed cans for grain storage box
Grain storage box, rice, mung beans and other grains, you can use it to organize and store. It's practical and convenient, it doesn't take up space, and it's not afraid to spill things.