Traditional squatting makes Americans invent the toilet stool but not suitable for Chinese!


These two years of toilet stools are popular, and I hav […]

These two years of toilet stools are popular, and I have a deep understanding of the history: this was invented by an old American woman and became an inspirational story, sought after by the media.
The toilet stool invention draws on the traditional squat pit, but in fact, this toilet ottoman is actually using the principle of traditional squatting.
Because the kneeling position can make our puborectalis muscles in a relaxed state, and the height of a toilet stool is to imitate the 35° angle of the toilet posture, and when it reaches the bowel movement, it is dripping.
It is a pity that this is something that originated in China. It was reinvented by foreigners and is still popular in China. But the things that directly copy foreigners are sold, but I don’t know that the size of the long-legged Westerners may not be suitable for us.
What kind of toilet ottoman is suitable for Chinese?
Generally, the height of the toilet stool directly from a foreign country is 21 cm, 90% of which is this height, but in fact, according to the general height and body ratio of the Chinese people, the height of 21 cm makes the body and legs form 25°-30°. It does not reach the ideal 35° at all.
According to the Chinese average leg length of 1 meter, the 18 cm toilet stool is really suitable.
Suddenly, when doing this product, the new living home made an improvement when doing this height, and changed the original 21 cm toilet stool to 18 cm, which is more suitable for Chinese people.
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