What are the benefits of a squat potty stool?


A squat potty stool is designed to help you sit down an […]

A squat potty stool is designed to help you sit down and get into a squat-like position while using the toilet. It's more comfortable and will reduce strain. It can also relieve pressure on the tummy, which is particularly helpful if you have hemorrhoids.

Squatting to poop is a more natural position than sitting
The squatting position is a more natural position to pass your bowel movement. The western world has abandoned this position for centuries, leading to an exponential increase in gastrointestinal disease. However, the science behind this practice is still limited, so it is difficult to know for sure if it is better for you or not.

One of the most important benefits of squatting is the reduction in strain. When you sit, you create an anorectal angle that kinks your bowel and makes it harder to eliminate feces. When you squat, this angle is corrected, eliminating the kink and making the process more efficient.

It reduces strain
The Squat Potty stool places you in a comfortable squatting position while you use the toilet. This reduces strain and aids in smoother elimination. In fact, people who use the Squatty Potty tended to poop more frequently and with less strain than those who pooped on the floor. A study of its use showed that 90% of people used the Squatty Potty stool strained less than those who pooped on the floor. Moreover, 71% reported experiencing faster bowel movements and an increased sense of emptiness.

It relieves hemorrhoids
A squat potty stool is a great way to relieve hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are caused by excessive straining and bleeding during bowel movement. Hemorrhoids can occur for a variety of reasons, including pregnancy, weight gain, and anal sex. The most common cause of hemorrhoids is straining during bowel movement, which increases abdominal pressure and causes veins in the anus to swell, sometimes bleeding. Using a squat potty stool can reduce the pressure on these veins, which can lead to a healing process without relapse.

A squat potty stool can reduce strain and improve the condition of hemorrhoids by altering the angle of the pelvic floor and relaxing abdominal muscles. A squat potty stool also raises the legs above the hips, which can help relieve the pain associated with hemorrhoids.

It improves toilet posture
Using a Squat potty stool improves your toilet posture, which can be beneficial to your health. The stool helps to adjust pelvic floor angle by tilting feet upward and relaxing abdominal muscles. It can also improve bowel movements. Many people tend to contract their abdominal muscles when using the toilet.

Squat potty stools help to improve toilet posture because they mimic the natural squatting position when using the toilet. People who practice this method tend to have more comfortable bowel movements. They also experience less straining. This is important because the term "straining while defecating" is subjective and can mean many different things to different people.