What are the characteristics and advantages of plastic trash bins?


Selecting low-pressure high-density high-density polyet […]

Selecting low-pressure high-density high-density polyethylene (low-pressure high-density high-density polyethylene) with high destructive tensile strength as raw materials can introduce plastic waste into high-quality overall characteristics. It is itself a low-pressure recyclable system application. Carbon environmental products. The production and manufacturing time of plastic trash cans is shorter than that of other types of trash can products (generally, a plastic trash can can be produced in about five minutes). Generally, the trash can production manufacturer can plan when the storage tank is retractable. The design of plastic trash cans greatly reduces the logistics, transportation, and storage of commodities. The plastic trash can of this product is superior to other raw materials. The plastic sealing cover is compacted, and the barrel body will not be deformed for a long time, and the shell structure is not easy to become more sensitive and deformed. The characteristics of high temperature resistance, antifreeze, alkali resistance, acid resistance, and easy cleaning of barrels have been widely used.
Household plastic waste must be eliminated every day, and the waste in the shower room cannot be stored for a long time. Because the bathroom is damp and dark, pathogenic bacteria are very easy to multiply, so choose a small-capacity trash can. In addition, the use of waste bags can effectively avoid residues in waste and reduce air pollution. If the waste bag is resolved and the waste is leaked into the trash can, pathogenic bacteria will grow. Therefore, manufacturers of trash cans should always sort out the trash cans. Use a soft brush to comb the gaps, consider sterilizing with a disinfectant, scrub after combing, and use it again. For battery recycling, waste solar lamps, wastewater silver thermometers, expired medicines, and other wastes that have certain side effects or negative effects, try to treat each other as much as possible, and try not to enter the food, clothing, housing, and transportation waste.
Put a layer of books and newspapers on the bottom of the plastic trash can. Two or three bags of books and newspapers are dry. Drying can digest the water in the waste. Without water, the waste cannot volatilize and release its flavor. Other, find some old stockings. The manufacturer of the trash can puts the carbon into the waste bag, hangs it on the outer cover of the waste bin, or sticks it to it with tape, which can be a good place for the smell of the trash can.