What are the characteristics of cosmetic storage boxes in the outer packaging?


1. Seek the shape of cosmetic storage box Many cosmetic […]

1. Seek the shape of cosmetic storage box
Many cosmetic manufacturers are pursuing the different shapes of cosmetic storage boxes, trying to break the tradition, conforming to the aesthetics of design, consuming psychology and other aspects. They are not stuck on the surface of the box. The use of injection molding plastic end caps is now in the line A relatively new transformation, a case in the industry is that P & G's magnolia oil brand uses this skill, and the finished carton looks more like a cylinder than a cube. So mastering a skill has profound implications for shape.
2. The texture of cosmetic storage boxes is popular
Textured materials are very popular in cosmetic packaging. The texture is often produced by embossing patterns on a whole piece of paper. When people pick it up, they find it gives a different touch than standard or smooth cardboard. Despite the fact that smooth or matte finishes are more useful, most customers prefer a matte finish combined with textured materials.
3. Dazzling
Taking sparkling as the main appeal point of cosmetic packaging, on the packaging of cosmetics, it has begun to present packaging made with sparkling materials to achieve the purpose of attracting eye-catching sales. Special-purpose inks, paints and metal materials are being added to this trend. Manufacturers strive to make their products unusual through this innovation, but at the same time, they pay attention to cost, so they can obtain such an appearance and a more cost-effective method, that is, the use of metallic ink in printing may be shiny Pearlescent oil.
In the future, we will see more eye-catching decorative paper packaging boxes in shopping malls, especially the application of cosmetic storage boxes.
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