What are the characteristics of the bathroom folding chair?


Bathroom folding chairs generally have the following ch […]

Bathroom folding chairs generally have the following characteristics:
1, do not take up space: when used directly open, gently pull the hand to form a shape of a stool; when not in use, the same operation, can be a perfect fit with the wall, does not occupy the place, similar to the train Sleeper wall chair.
2, has a certain decorative: bathroom folding chairs have a variety of colors, including white, light yellow, orange, sky blue and other popular bright colors, can add a vibrant color to life.
3, has a strong practicality: no matter the choice to install anywhere (with a carrying wall), can bring comfort and convenience to your life!
4, very reliable safety: bathroom folding chairs are usually used aluminum alloy, stainless steel and ABS as a substrate, the quality is reliable, the general combination is aluminum alloy base + engineering plastics, can bear 130 kg, equivalent to two ordinary people The weight, but also good insulation, sitting on it will not have a cool feeling.
5, easy to install: directly in the load-bearing wall to play five holes, generally installed bathroom accessories can be installed smoothly; fasteners are fixed with stainless steel expansion screws, completely solve the problem of unstable installation.
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