What are the color markings of the dustbin bins and the standards for dustbin classification?


1. What color are the sorted trash bins   (1) green Thi […]

1. What color are the sorted trash bins
  (1) green
This kind of green trash bins generally represent kitchen waste. Kitchen waste is usually our leftover food. Because the food is green, we paint the bucket green and throw the food waste directly It can be recycled and reused again, and used as some nutrient fertilizer on plants. This operation not only directly reduces environmental pollution, but also can be used as waste.
  (2) yellow
The yellow trash can represents a special trash can for medical waste. I believe that many people can see trash cans of this color in hospitals. Generally speaking, households do not use trash cans of this color, which are used for sanitation. Used in hospitals and some medical places.
  (3) red
The red trash can means that it contains hazardous dustbin. This color is also easier to remember. The red color expresses the seriousness of the problem, such as waste batteries, paint and cosmetics, and expired drugs. These are all non-recyclable dustbin, and there are Certain pollution and harmfulness.
  (4) blue
The blue trash can indicates recyclable dustbin, such as some paper, plastic, etc., which can be recycled for a second time, and these dustbin will be transported to a special waste recycling station, and then disposed of and used, directly saving a lot of money Resources.

2. What are the standards for household waste classification
   (1) Recyclables refer to waste paper, waste plastics, glass and other waste fabrics that can be recycled and can be recycled in daily life.
  (2) Hazardous dustbin refers to some domestic waste products such as needles, waste batteries, and waste medicines that are harmful to the human body or harm the natural environment.
   (3) Wet dustbin is perishable dustbin, which is leftovers, fruits, flowers, green plants, and Chinese herbal medicine.
  (4) The so-called dry dustbin is also called other dustbin In addition to recyclables, household waste products other than hazardous dustbin and wet garbage are considered dry dustbin.