What are the key points for purchasing a bathroom footstools?


1. Material: Plastic with rich styles vs simple and gen […]

1. Material: Plastic with rich styles vs simple and gentle wood
At present, the materials of commercially available bathroom footstools can be divided into two main categories. The most common products in China are plastic products such as polyethylene and acrylic. Durable, water-repellent, lightweight, and easy-to-handle plastic products. Because of the simple processing, the price is very cheap and easy to start under mass production. It can be said to be the mainstream material in the current bathroom products. In addition, the design styles are quite rich, making the process of choosing products a fun!
There are also wooden products such as oak. The ancient materials present a warm and moist atmosphere, and it is less likely to make the skin feel cold after sitting down, and it can also create a unique atmosphere for the bathroom. However, the disadvantage of wooden products is that they are prone to mold and require special care in maintenance.
2. Choose a style that is easy to clean
Humid environment is the easiest to hide dirt and breed bacteria. In order to keep the bath products clean, you must pay attention to the following points when purchasing.
Most of the bathroom footstools on the market are designed in a shape similar to that of placing the bucket upside down. It has a full sense of stability when sitting, and there is a hollow relationship in the center. It is also very convenient to take and transport. But on the other hand, it may cause mildew because the groove on the back is less ventilated. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a font or a 4-leg bathroom footstools, which not only has better ventilation, but also makes cleaning easier.
3. Confirm other additional functions and thoughtful design
The seemingly ordinary bathroom footstools, in addition to the material and appearance, you can also pay more attention to the additional functions when choosing. There are many high-quality products with convenient designs on the market, such as small-size products that are light and easy to move without losing stability, or the appearance is like a general four-legged chair, and the height of the chair can be adjusted or the style of folding storage can be adjusted. There are also some bathroom footstools that can be hung on the edge of the bathtub to enhance ventilation after use, or can be used in daily life outside of bathing, so you can choose them according to different needs.
4. Confirm safety performance such as anti-slip design
The bathroom floor is wet and slippery, especially if there are elderly or children in the house, pay attention to the safety of the bathroom footstools. In addition to whether it is sturdy enough to ride, please also confirm whether there are anti-slip pads at the legs of the chair, or the uneven design that can increase stability. In addition, in order to prevent children from hitting sharp corners and being injured, it is recommended to choose a bathroom footstools that is rounded or has rounded corners on all sides. It will be more comfortable to use.