What are the key points of the packaging box design?


The packaging box is not only used to package products, […]

The packaging box is not only used to package products, but also has the effect of brand promotion. Exquisite and high-end packaging boxes can increase the company’s reputation, strengthen the company’s brand effectiveness, and do a good job in the design of the packaging box to deliver brand value. Zhongneng gets twice the result with half the effort. Good packaging box design can enhance customers' desire to buy and promote good sales. The packaging box design must be clear about the characteristics of the carton so that it can be applied scientifically.
1. The design theme of the packaging box should be clear
The theme of the packaging box design should be clear, and the design should fit the product characteristics. When a product packaging box lacks the theme, it will be sold at a discount. The design of the packaging box should be based on the characteristics of the product, and should not be inconsistent within. The inconsistency will create a feeling of deception and it is difficult to have repeat customers.
Second, the packaging box design should be realistic
The packaging box should be designed according to the actual situation of the product. Excessive luxury design will make the product flashy, because excessive modification of the packaging box without product quality support will often make customers feel deceived.
Third, the packaging box design must fit the needs of the trend
The packaging box design positioning must conform to the trend. Today's environmental protection is the trend. The environmentally friendly packaging box will be recognized by customers and attract customers to understand. If the product is related to environmental protection, the packaging box can be designed as an environmentally friendly recycled packaging box In this way, not only can the recycling of resources be maintained, but also the nature of the product can be maintained.
Packaging box design requires design creativity, packaging cost, customer rational or perceptual purchase, life discovery, etc. Baoli united with packaging box manufacturers, specializing in designing, producing and selling packaging boxes for 14 years, focusing on wine packaging boxes, tea packaging boxes, watch packaging boxes, Gift boxes and other high-end packaging boxes, we have a zishen design team and production team to design a variety of packaging boxes for your products.

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