What are the kitchen and bathroom storage skills?


For housewives, they spend more time in the kitchen tha […]

For housewives, they spend more time in the kitchen than in other rooms. There used to be a saying that "the kitchen is far away from the kitchen", even now for some women, the kitchen is like their own territory. To cook delicious food for the family, the kitchen must be neat. Let’s start with the goal of improving the performance of the kitchen! Usually people think that the kitchen is difficult to pick up, but if the purpose of "cooking", it is unexpectedly simple. So today, kitchen and toilet storage box manufacturers will introduce kitchen storage skills.
1. Access with very limited actions. Even in a narrow kitchen, it is often tiring to take dishes and condiments. If you want to cook well, keep moving a distance of 2-3 steps between the "refrigerator-cooking station-storage rack". Keep things in the place where you only need to reach out or take a step.
2. Things of all sizes and shapes should be picked up properly;
3. Only diligence can insist on cleaning.
4. Pay attention to things that are placed outside the kitchen. Keep frequently used things in a place where you can easily take them, place heavy things underneath, and keep things that are easily damped away from the water.
The detailed placement can be like this:
1. The above kitchen cabinet: Because it is too high to be taken simply, it is not necessary for long periods of time. Relatively easy to get local place seasonings and other things that are easily wet.
Cooking table: The simple place to take, but because of the small space, so often used seasonings, detergents, sponges and so on.
Drawer: the second simple place to take things. Place spoons, measuring cups, scissors, bottle openers, etc. in order to use frequently.
2. The following kitchen cabinet: Maybe there is no fixed shelf due to the drain pipe, and you can avoid the drain pipe and use some shelves to place things such as trays. The place where you can easily access without having to squat can put frequently used things and large dishes. The bottom of the zui is very wet, and placing things that will not get wet, such as bottles, may be unused and heavy.
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