What are the manufacturing processes of the kitchen packaging box?


With the continuous advancement of people's living stan […]

With the continuous advancement of people's living standards, people are also paying more attention to resisting gifts, and the request for resisting the customization of the packaging box is also increasing. It cannot be limited to the aesthetics of the gift box packaging. Many customers like amateur customization, including packaging box printing and creating craftsmanship. There are many requests. Today, let's take a look at the printing of exquisite gift packaging boxes and some special craftsmanship.

1. New printing process, nano printing

Kitchen packaging box manufacturers apply nanotechnology when printing on the cover of kitchen packaging. It has a strong performance in detail and high precision. The nano-level image existing in the mold is accurately transferred to the substrate. On the polymer film.

This transferred image has the same size and the same depth as the rough pattern of the mold. This provides a rough idea for the latent use of nanotechnology. Nano-printing has become a feature of digital printing flexibility and high compliance and economy of traditional offset printing. It can not only achieve higher production compliance, but also allow gift box packaging plants and printing manufacturers to seamlessly follow the current working environment.

2. Water transfer can be divided into two types, one is the transfer technology for water mark, and it is mainly used for the transfer of pictorial pictures and pen and ink. The second is the transfer technology of water coating, the transfer area is large, it melts in water, the water-based film bears the picture, the spreading function is good, the outline of the entangled product is easy to coil, and the water transfer is generally used for digital impact. The cost is small.

Three, bronzing, is to make the mold we have made, aim at the position we want to hot, and adjust the hot stamping machine to the temperature that can hot stamp the gold we want to hot on the material we want to hot, the temperature is not well adjusted It may cause our hot gold to fall, the temperature and location of the hot gold to be very serious.

Fourth, the bump is a product that is presented after pressing the necessary pictures or fonts through a carved template. Another kind is that we see the hot stamping in our daily life. This kind of process has certain difficulty, and the set must be accurate, otherwise the double shadow generated by the set will be very embarrassing.