What are the relevant knowledge of plastic chairs?


The plastic stool chair is an important living utensil […]

The plastic stool chair is an important living utensil made of plastic products. Chairs have always been a very important role in our lives. We want to sit down and have a good rest. We cannot do without chairs if we want to sit there and read the newspaper. There are many materials that can be used to make chairs, but wooden chairs are not durable, alloy chairs are too heavy to be moved, and plastic chairs are smaller in size, stronger, and most importantly. Yes, the weight of plastic chairs is generally very light, which is convenient for people to move, and the price of plastic chairs is relatively low, so they have the characteristics of high quality and low price, which are suitable for people to buy. Introduction to the material of plastic chairs Plastic chairs are generally made of plastic, and plastic is a general term for all plastic products. There are certain differences in the materials used to make plastic chairs, and I will explain them in detail below. Most plastic chairs are made of virgin plastic. The biggest feature of virgin plastic is its light weight. Chairs made of virgin plastic are generally very light. People can move them at will, but it also has obvious advantages. The disadvantage of this is that the original plastic chair is generally not very durable, which means that the service life of this chair is relatively short, but it is relatively cheap, if it is to be used indoors, it can still satisfy consumers The use of the required. Some plastic chairs are made of plastic. The weight of the plastic chair is slightly heavier than the original plastic, but it is more durable than the original plastic product. This is because the plastic chair made of plastic is softer and more flexible. It can bear greater weight and is more suitable for people to use. People generally use it as an outdoor or indoor seat. In addition, some plastic chairs are made of tempered plastics. These plastic chairs made of tempered plastics are very strong and can withstand great gravity. At the same time, this kind of chair is also very resistant to impact. The great impact force is also difficult to cause damage to this chair. The production cost of tempered plastic chairs is relatively high, so the price is higher than the above two plastic chairs.