What is the applicability of the storage box in life?


I thought about buying the same plastic storage and sor […]

I thought about buying the same plastic storage and sorting box. Although I have seen many posts and articles saying that the transparent storage box is beautiful and practical, but my own experience is that no matter how good-looking plastic boxes are, there is no texture, and the same box, although the storage is beautiful, it may not satisfy the difference. Storage size requirements.
Since I became a mother, there have been many more cardboard boxes in my home. The quality of the express boxes is very good. I started to try to use clean cardboard boxes to store things, but I found that even if the storage is inside the cabinet, I opened the cabinet and saw the colors and appearances are different. The box is still not very comfortable. Posting boxes with waste paper and turning them into consistent colors can solve this problem. What should I do if the paper at hand is only white, it would be better if there are other colorful wrapping papers.
I also thought that there are many unused bedcloths at home and I don’t know what to do, so I can try to dress the boxes in consistent clothes. Even if the appearance is somewhat different, the uniform color will greatly improve the neatness. Stay tuned. As for the feature that the transparent box can clearly see the items inside, the carton box is better as long as it is affixed with a clearly marked label.
Small sundries, needles, needles, peripherals, electronic products, small souvenirs, etc., I collect tin moon cake boxes to pack them, and they are sorted into different categories and labeled. Maxim's mooncake boxes are very beautiful, and there are many cookie boxes that have beauty in themselves. Every time you open these low-frequency storage boxes, there is always a sense of nostalgia and mystery of dialogue with the past. This kind of feeling cannot be given by plastic storage boxes.
I cleaned up the kitchen and found that root vegetables and other vegetables were not suitable for storage in the refrigerator, but I didn't know where to put it. A plastic storage box temporarily holding the fruit also makes people less desire to eat fruit. So I remembered the rattan bamboo baskets used to buy vegetables when I was young. This is a good place to hold things from the ground. There is no way to reconcile soil and plastic, but the rattan baskets with soil can find the taste of the homeland.
Some storage devices are still using plastic products, so you can only cherish these products so that they can live longer. I also turned the plastic storage boxes that I used out of time into treasures, which were used to hold various nails, screwdrivers, etc. that men were reluctant to discard.

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