What is the function of the toilet stool?


The main function of the toilet stool is to help people […]

The main function of the toilet stool is to help people defecate and reduce the occurrence of accidents and hemorrhoids.
1. The height-adjustable toilet ottoman is suitable for different groups of people. It has a simple and novel structure, low manufacturing cost, convenient use and good effect. It can be adjusted to different heights for people of different heights. The height-adjustable toilet footrest includes a stool seat and an adjustment pedal set on the stool seat, and the upper surface of the stool seat is a stepped surface.
2. The greater the anorectal angle formed by the rectal muscle and the rectum and the straighter the rectum, the smoother the bowel movement. When sitting, the anorectal angle is about 80 to 90 degrees, and when squatting, the anorectal angle can reach 100 to 110 degrees. In addition, the abdominal pressure is high when squatting, which can promote defecation. Especially for people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, squatting row can reduce the chance of accidents.