What is the history and design of plastic stools?


You might wonder why a plastic stool chair would be so […]

You might wonder why a plastic stool chair would be so popular, especially if it was made of orange material. While the plastic stool itself may seem unattractive, its durability and sturdiness have made it a coveted piece of furniture. This article explains the history and design of the plastic stool chair, and what makes it so appealing.

In the 1950s, Charles and Ray Eames began exploring the single shell chair form. They began with the Molded Fiberglass Chairs and later stopped producing them due to the environmental risks associated with their production. However, in 2001, Herman Miller introduced the Molded Plastic Chair and a matching plastic stool. The Eames Molded Plastic Stool is a comfortable and durable chair, and its polypropylene shell makes it the perfect choice for break rooms, cafes, and breakfast nooks.

The design of stools is incredibly versatile. These pieces of furniture are indispensable additions to any home. While sofas and lounge chairs get the credit for comfort, stools play important roles in a space and can become investment pieces. With so many different types of stools and chairs available, finding the right one for your home can be a challenging task.