What is the principle of pedal-operated plastic trash can?


The pedal-type trash can adopts the lever principle str […]

The pedal-type trash can adopts the lever principle structure. The bracket of the tube cover is connected with the connecting rod and the step rod, and the lever with the step rod can drive the connecting rod and the bracket to make the tube cover smoothly along the arc edge of the tube mouth to the side of the tube body to open the tube cover completely. Due to such a special plan, the useful waste bin can dump waste into the bin in all directions.

Precautions for foot-operated trash cans
1. Keep away from the fire source to prevent scorching and deformation
2. Do not place sharp objects to prevent scratches
3. Do not use corrosive chemical solvents to clean the product shell (such as bathroom cleaners) to prevent appearance damage and deformation.
4. Do not trample the pedal forcefully to prevent damage to the product.

How to protect pedal-type garbage
1. Operation: Seal the oily waste in the plastic bag and put it in the trash can to prevent the inner tube of the trash can from being soiled and inconvenient for cleaning. At the same time, rotten and rotten waste should be thrown away, otherwise there will be an unpleasant smell.
2. When choosing waste bins in the bathroom, try to choose plastic trash bins with good plasticity. Steel trash bins will be corroded and rusted after being placed for a long time.
3. You should try to use trampling as much as possible when using the waste bin, because the quality of the waste is too low and the stability is not very good.
4. When throwing waste in the waste bin, the heavier the waste, the more it must be released. Prevent damage to the inner tube of the trash can.
5. Trash bins should be cleaned regularly, and cleaning materials with soft materials should be used on steel.