What is the style of the plastic trash can?


With the improvement of people's life level, people's r […]

With the improvement of people's life level, people's requirements for the nature of life have gradually increased. As a result, daily necessities have become diversified, and their functions have become particularly important. Waste bins are an indispensable necessity for every family, but simple waste bins are far from satisfying people's needs. Foot-operated waste bins have become more and more important in the day. It is not only convenient for people to use, but also has a decoration effect due to its diversified shapes.

Plastic trash cans, also called plastic bins or waste bins, are the place where waste is placed. Most waste bins are made of metal or plastic. They are put in plastic bags when they are used. When there is a lot of waste, they can be tied up and thrown away. Most waste bins are covered to prevent the smell of waste from dispersing, and some waste bins can be opened with a foot pedal.

The foot-operated trash can is composed of an outer tube, an inner tube, a lid, a bracket, a connecting rod, and a pedal. Principle of foot-operated trash can: lever principle, simple application and convenient operation. The advantages of the foot-operated trash can: It can rely on the lever principle of the foot pedal to reduce the conflict on the ground with wheels, and the user is more worry-free and labor-saving.

The function of the pedal trash can
The function of the foot-operated trash can is to hold waste. There are many types of foot-operated trash cans, such as separate waste bins for outdoor use, day trash bins for indoor use, etc., but their use methods are basically the same. They all step on the pedal part at the bottom of the trash can with their feet, and the lid of the trash can can be opened through the linkage organization, which is convenient and quick.

Contains pivotally connected to the barrel and the lid, the lid is opened and closed to connect a control transmission organization, which is characterized by: the transmission organization includes a pedal, a rod and a connecting rod structure, and the barrel and the barrel at the bottom of the solid block depict the body, the lever The structure includes fixing and lever. The lever is connected to the pedal, the other end of the connecting rod, a central connecting block, the outer barrel of the connecting rod longitudinally depicted, and the other end of the connecting rod is pivotally connected to the lid, and the barrel and the barrel are depicted in the main body. internal.