What is the use of plastic pallets?


1. Plastic pallets are used as floor slabs, that is, pl […]

1. Plastic pallets are used as floor slabs, that is, plastic pallets loaded with goods will not move in the future, and only have the effect of moisture and water resistance. You can choose plastic pallets with a simple structure and lower cost, such as simple plastic plastic pallets, but you should pay attention to plastic The static load capacity of the pallet,   

2. The structure of the plastic pallet directly affects the operating power of the plastic plastic pallet. A suitable structure can give full play to the characteristics of the high-power operation of the forklift. 

3. For plastic pallets used for transportation, transfer, loading and unloading, choose high-strength plastic pallets with a large dynamic load. Because this type of plastic pallet has to be reused and used in cooperation with forklifts, the strength of the plastic pallet is relatively high. This requires the structure of the plastic pallet to be "Tian" or "Chuan".  

4. If the plastic pallet is used on the shelf in the three-dimensional warehouse, it is also necessary to consider whether the structure of the plastic pallet is suitable for stacking on the shelf. Generally, goods can only be inserted from the shelf in two directions, so the plastic pallet used on the shelf should be used as far as possible to choose the plastic pallet with forks on all sides, so as to facilitate the forklift to pick up the goods and increase the working power. Such plastic pallets generally choose the structure of Tianzihang.  

5. According to whether plastic pallets are loaded with goods to be stacked in the future, it is decided to choose single-sided plastic pallets or double-sided plastic pallets. Single-sided plastic pallets are not suitable for stacking because they only need one bearing surface, otherwise it will simply cause damage to the basic goods. Therefore, if you need to stack the goods after reloading, you must try to choose double-sided plastic pallets. 

6. The standard dimensions of transportation tools and transportation equipment should be considered. The appropriate plastic pallet size should be just enough to satisfy the size of the transportation tool. Only by doing so can the space for the transportation tool be used efficiently and reasonably, and the transportation cost will be saved. In particular, the size of the container and the transportation truck should be considered.