What should I pay attention to when growing vegetables in plastic pots?


Growing vegetables on the balcony is very popular now, […]

Growing vegetables on the balcony is very popular now, and everyone usually goes to Taobao to buy plastic pots. Many people responded: The vegetables grown in these pots are inedible. In fact, this is because those pots are made of recycled materials, and they are very smelly during processing. The pots will decompose under the sunlight, that is, during the aging process of the plastic pots, toxic substances will be produced. Using good plastic pots will not cause these problems. Let's take a look at the precautions for growing vegetables in plastic pots on the balcony.

Many people use pots to grow vegetables, and they worry that the size of the pots is not enough. In fact, as long as you follow the general principle of "growing vegetables with a short harvest period in a small pot and growing vegetables with a long harvest period in a large pot", there will be no mistakes.

Because the potted space and soil are limited, and the water evaporates rapidly, the standard for judging watering is based on the dryness and wetness of the soil surface. When the surface is dry, a large amount of water is poured for the plants until the water flows out from the bottom of the pot; and the watering should be Slow and gentle, fast and a lot of water, the soil is not easy to absorb, it is easy to directly flow out. In summer, the sunshine is strong, and special attention should be paid to the humidity of potted plants. Usually, it can be watered once in the morning and in the evening.