What types of plastic products are there?


There are many types of plastic products, each of which […]

There are many types of plastic products, each of which has its own unique advantages, and different types of products are used differently. Plastic products can also be classified according to their different materials and properties.

According to the degree of flammability:
① Flammable plastics, which burn violently after encountering an open flame, and are not easy to extinguish. Such as nitrocellulose plastics, etc., such plastics are classified as dangerous goods.
②Combustible plastics, such plastics are not self-extinguishing when exposed to an open flame, but they burn faster. Such as polyethylene, polypropylene, etc.
③ Flame-retardant plastics, which can burn in strong open flames, and go out quickly after leaving the fire. Such as phenolic plastics, acetate fiber plastics, PVC plastics, etc.

According to the performance after heating:
① Thermosetting plastics: The characteristics of this type of plastics are that at a certain temperature, after a certain period of heating or adding a curing agent, they are cured and formed. The cured plastic is hard and insoluble in any solvent, nor can it be softened again by heating. If the heating temperature is too high, it will decompose.
Common thermosetting plastics are: bakelite, electric jade, decorative boards and unsaturated polyester plastics.

② Thermoplastics: These plastics are characterized by being softened by heat and hardened by cooling, and generally only have physical changes during processing to maintain their chemical properties. Most of the resins of this type of plastic are polyaddition.
Common thermoplastics are: nitrocellulose plastics, acetate fiber plastics, polyethylene plastics, polypropylene plastics, polystyrene plastics, polyvinyl chloride plastics, etc. For example, our common mineral water bottles, plastic bags, etc. It can be seen that the material of plastic is different, and each type of plastic product is different, so when we choose products, we should choose materials according to the type of products to ensure the time when they are used.