Why are there holes in many plastic stools?


A stool is an item that is often used in life. Whether […]

A stool is an item that is often used in life. Whether it is eating or doing other things, it is often used. It has to be said that the stool has become a must-have item in life, and there are many styles of stools. It is wooden, some are plastic. Most of the products that are often seen on the market are plastic. They are light and easy to carry. I believe many small partners have seen a hole in the upper side of the stool. What is the role of the hole?
Plastic stools have basically become a kind of stool that we often see in our lives. They are loved by many people. They usually have a hole on the top. The diameter is between two centimeters and five centimeters. It is impossible to reach two fingers. The question, then why did the person who made it think of leaving a hole for it?
First of all, the plastic stool is usually made by melting the plastic and then pouring it into the mold. When it is cooled and then peeled off, the first use of this hole is for the convenience of construction. With this hole, the injection molding can be saved. The time taken from the mold, and convenient for moving and transporting, saves a lot of time and effort. When you take the stool, you can put the finger directly in the center of the hole and lift it up, or use a stick to put it in the middle. Hook the bottom stool so that you can pick up a lot of stools at a time, so the design of this hole is very user-friendly.
Secondly, the stools can be stacked together, but if the time is a little longer, it is difficult to separate the two stools because of the air. With this small hole, there will be no pressure, and it will be very easy. Separate the two stools. Finally, in order to breathe, although the plastic stool is very strong, it also has a disadvantage, that is, the plastic is impervious and impervious. When sitting on the stool for a long time, the butt will be very uncomfortable. The purpose of this hole is For ventilation.
Of course, the designer did not expect this hole to have an effect when designing, that is, if everyone puts a fart, the smell will go down, and for the durability of the stool, the designer also designed the cushion. It becomes a circle, so it is not easy to break because of too much force. So the use of this hole is still a lot.
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