About the toilet, I have to know the cold knowledge


The emergence of toilets not only makes people's toilet […]

The emergence of toilets not only makes people's toilet problems become sanitary, but also makes many developed countries pay attention to the construction of urban tap water and sewage systems. It can be said that the history of toilet development also reflects the history of human civilization and health.
However, it should have brought a convenient toilet to people, but it also brought unexpected troubles. "When the toilet is outside, when there are more toilets, even if there is a toilet, everyone will wait in line at the door." In an interview with reporters, Miss Li was lined up in front of the female toilet on the second floor of a famous shopping mall. If you don't have a toilet, you have to rely on your personal skills. Ms. Li said that she could only try to prevent the skin from coming into contact with the toilet like “Horse Steps”. "There are still some people who don't talk about public ethics. They lie directly on the toilet and step on the footprints and muddy water. Some toilets will provide toilet paper, but some people feel unsanitary. Dirty, everyone is on the public toilet. The only consensus of the toilet. According to an online survey, nearly seven adults have encountered a toilet in public, “step on it, or step on the horse”, and nearly 20% of the respondents “will not choose a toilet” Only one adult chooses An An to sit firmly on top.
Dr. Yuan Yiming, the attending physician of the Men's Center of Peking University First Hospital, said that this showed to some extent the distrust of the cleanliness of public toilets. "In theory, the probability of sexually transmitted diseases is not large. Only when the STD patients go to the toilet, the bacteria secretions will remain on the toilet seat, and the genitals of the latter users will be infected when they are accidentally caught. As long as people clean frequently Seat cushions, or sitting on a paper pad, rubbing and sitting, can be avoided. In fact, it is extremely difficult for a person to clean the seat cushion in public. Aunt Liu, who is responsible for cleaning the hygiene of the store, said: "We certainly can't do it once every customer has finished using it." And the use of public toilets may cause contact dermatitis, skin fungal infections, and more need to beware.
Not only in public places, but also in the toilets at home. According to a survey conducted by the public health authority, 32% of toilet seats have dysentery bacilli, and one of them called "Song" has survived for 17 days; another experiment shows that 100 million polio will be used. The virus was put into the toilet, and there were 3,000 viruses on the seat cushion.
In contrast, squatting pans are considered to be a more hygienic option because they are not directly in contact with the skin. But the squatting pan also has its disadvantages - it is easy to cause accidents when used by the elderly. "Sometimes you go down, you can't get up for a long time, you will be dizzy." The squatting pan left the grandmother Zhang, who lives in Guanzhuang, Chaoyang District, Beijing. As she grew older, she especially hoped that the toilet could be installed at home.
Yu Zhenqiu, director of the Department of Hypertension, Anzhen Hospital, Capital Medical University, said: "At the time of squatting, the arterial tube flexion at the groin and axilla is less than 40 degrees. The excessive bending of the body causes the chest and lower limbs to exert pressure on the abdomen, making the original The heart and blood vessels with inferior functions are worsened, especially in patients with dry stools. The patient needs to use breath holding to increase the pressure on the abdomen, which instantly causes a series of symptoms of rapid increase in upper body blood pressure, such as facial congestion and heartbeat. Shortness of breath, rapid rise of the mind, severe cases of cerebral hemorrhage, angina, etc., which endangers life." Some elderly people have knee osteoarthritis all the year round, due to the destruction of the surface of the knee cartilage and the formation of osteophytes at the edge of the joint, often It is difficult for the elderly to appear squatting. On the contrary, the use of the toilet is more labor-saving, the weight-bearing capacity of the legs is not large, and the weight is transferred to the toilet, so it is very convenient for the elderly and the weak. The toilet is small and healthy. To this end, the experts also gave advice on the health of the toilet, health and chronic diseases patients, and so on.
Try to choose a squatting pan in public places. Since there is currently no guarantee that the public toilet will be sterilized after each use, experts recommend that the public place should try to choose the squatting pan. Yuan Yiming suggested that if the elderly are not convenient to kneel, use a toilet paper to wipe the gasket clean. “Designers should also add more humane design while understanding the concerns, such as installing safety rails on both sides of public toilets.”
A constipation prepares a small stool. Yao Wei, deputy director of the Department of Gastroenterology, Peking University Third Hospital, said that constipation or acne patients should choose a toilet, which can reduce the pressure on the digestive system of the gastrointestinal system. In people with acne, the vein wall of the anus is very thin and easily ruptured during defecation. Long-term sedentary seizures can easily cause congestion in the anal cecum and cause disease. Yao Wei suggested that you can put a small footrest next to the toilet at home. When you use the toilet, you will have a height of 8-10 cm, which will help you defecate. Stand up slowly after the discharge, so as to avoid cerebral hemorrhage and even cerebrovascular accidents.
Reading books and smoking are taboo. Reading a book while going to the toilet will distract attention, which may lead to poor bowel movements and even induce hemorrhoids. Yao Wei said: "The elderly squatting, while smoking and defecation while smoking, will increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents. Defecation is best to be single-minded, should not be too hard, do not force when you can not discharge."
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