Toilet ottoman optimal height and toilet selection skills


Everyone knows what the toilet mat is. The benefits of […]

Everyone knows what the toilet mat is. The benefits of the toilet mat are still many. The toilet mat can be installed to keep warm. Generally, winter is a good choice. In addition, in the summer, you can use the ice silk toilet seat, and also have a good cold effect. So what is the optimal height of the toilet ottoman? What is the selection skill of the toilet? The following is a small series to introduce the relevant content, let everyone know what the toilet is.
Toilet ottoman optimal height
The average adult has a height of 370 mm and a width of 355 mm. The length is divided into a normal type and an elongated type. The normal type is 420 mm and the extended type is 470 mm. The lengthening design may be considered to have a taller long thigh. The reason. The child-type toilet has a height of only 245 mm, a length of 380 mm and a width of 280 mm. In addition, the height of the toilet for the disabled and the elderly is 420 mm.
Toilet selection skills
1. Weight: Generally speaking, the weight of the toilet is as heavy as possible. The weight of an ordinary toilet is about 50 kg, and the weight of a good toilet is about 100 kg. The heavier weight of the toilet is large, the material is solid and the quality is better. The way to simply test its weight is to pick up the lid of the tank with both hands and lick its weight.
2. Look at its tank capacity: For the same flushing effect, the better the water consumption, of course. You can bring an empty mineral water bottle, turn off the toilet water inlet, and when draining the water in the water tank, open the lid and add water to the water tank with the mineral water bottle. According to the capacity of the mineral water bottle, estimate how much water is added and then the faucet enters. The water valve is closed to see if the water usage matches its identity.
3. Check if the water storage tank leaks: You can drip a colored liquid such as blue ink into the water tank. After mixing evenly, see if there is any colored liquid flowing out of the toilet. If it is, it proves that the toilet has water leakage.
4. Check each component: You can shake the flush button to listen to the sound. The crisper the sound, the better. Also observe the size of the outlet valve in the water tank. The larger the valve, the better the water discharge effect.
5. Look at the glaze surface is smooth and bubble-free, you can use the principle of reflection to observe, but also touch the toilet sewer, if the sewer is rough, it is easy to hook the garbage.
6. Measuring caliber: The inner surface of the sewage pipe is not easy to be left with glaze, which can prevent blockage. To see how big the pipe is, you can put your hand in, and the more free the hand activity, the better.
The above content introduces the question about the optimal height of the toilet ottoman. Specifically, it is necessary to select the appropriate height according to the specific needs of adults or the elderly. These common senses can be used for reference and understanding. What are the selection techniques for the toilet? There are a lot of tips for purchasing the toilet. For example, when purchasing, consider whether the parts are good or bad, whether the glazed surface is shiny, and the measurement of caliber. Both are very important aspects.
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