How to clean up dirt in plastic tubs?


In family life, the use of plastic basins is to use as […]

In family life, the use of plastic basins is to use as a container for washing faces and water. People, especially girls, pay special attention to the cleanliness of their faces, but you know what? A plastic tub that has been used for a long time but not cleaned frequently can contain enough dirt to make your daily cleanup work in vain. Therefore, it is extremely important to clean the dirt in the plastic basin from time to time. Linyi plastic basin manufacturers introduce the cleaning method of plastic basins.

Because the plastic basin is made of PP plastic, which is a high-density, side-chain-free, high-crystallinity linear polymer, not as hard as metal products, so do not wipe the surface with a wire ball, because doing so will only scratch Damage the surface of plastic products, increase the uneven surface, and increase the stains.

We can collect the tea residue after drinking, wrap the tea residue with gauze, dip a little cooking oil on the tea bag, and gently wipe the stains on the plastic washbasin. After wiping, use a little detergent to clean the plastic basin. In addition, because the material of the plastic basin is not in use, try to keep it dry to avoid corrosion by water such as acid and alkali.