The correct posture for going to the toilet may really need a toilet stool


It seems that since the toilet was invented, the disput […]

It seems that since the toilet was invented, the dispute between the toilet and the squat has never stopped. The two sides have their own words: Some people think that the toilet seat is more civilized and comfortable to use; some people think that it is more conducive to squatting. Defecation, it is simpler and more hygienic to use...
In terms of health, which way is better? Scientific research shows that the most healthy excretion angle of the human body is 35 degrees between the upper body and the thigh, that is, the state of squatting, while sitting on the toilet, usually 80 to 90 degrees, this angle is easy to block the intestinal tract, which may cause Constipation, acne, intestinal dryness, etc. So in this sense, squatting is actually a healthier way of defecation.
However, as far as the current situation is concerned, the toilet has a tendency to “unify the world”, not only the family, but more and more public places are generally equipped with toilets. In this case, is there any good way to want a healthier bowel movement? of course! This is not the case, the toilet stool came into being, sitting on the toilet, stepping on a special stool with your foot, you can make the legs and the torso at an angle of 35 degrees, so that the hip muscles relax, and the squat is smooth. It is worth mentioning that the toilet stool is made of wood, bamboo, plastic, inflatable cushions, and a very portable folding style.
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