What are the characteristics of plastic storage boxes?


The function of the storage box is mainly used to store […]

The function of the storage box is mainly used to store some messy small items, and can be sorted and sorted, which can turn your messy home into a neat and orderly in a short time. There are various shapes of storage boxes. According to the materials of the storage boxes, they can be divided into paper storage boxes, canvas storage boxes, wooden storage boxes, plastic storage boxes, etc. Next, I will introduce you to the plastic storage boxes. Basic characteristics.
When it comes to plastic storage boxes, plastic comes first. Plastic is a kind of monomer raw material. It needs a certain polymerization reaction of addition polymerization or polycondensation to form a polymer compound, so as to form our commonly used plastic. In fact, to summarize, plastics are mainly composed of the following points:
1. It is a macromolecular organic compound;
2. It has many types of existence;
3. After processing, we can shape him into shape;
4. In fact, there are many kinds of it, and different monomers can be synthesized into various plastics;
5. The uses of plastic can be said to be diverse, because it is widely used in various fields.
6. Plastic can be suitable for a variety of processing methods. It is precisely because of these characteristics of plastic that plastic storage boxes have a dominant position in the storage box industry.
Plastic storage boxes can be subdivided into underwear and socks storage boxes, clothing storage boxes, office desk storage boxes, books and magazine storage boxes, etc. according to their uses. Compared with other material storage boxes, plastic storage boxes have the following characteristics:
1. The plastic storage box is light, convenient and flexible to move;
2. The inside of the plastic storage box is dry, and the moisture-proof performance is particularly good, unlike the wood and paper storage boxes, it is easy to wet and absorb water;
3. The plastic storage box has particularly good compression resistance and flexibility.
4. The plastic storage box is also very durable and easy to clean. It is precisely because the plastic storage box has so many advantages that it will be widely used by everyone.